Box Tops


Please keep clipping your Box Tops!!

You can turn in Box Tops at any time.

Money earned from Box Tops goes to
new books for the library and new art supplies.
 These are used by all students.


Dear Mountainview parents,
Please begin bringing in box tops to your child’s classroom.  Our first collection will be on Wednesday October 25.  All current (not expired) box tops and bonus box tops need to be turned into the school by that date!  I am on a deadline with the Box Tops company to send them off by November 1st.  The reps need a few days to count them.  I would like to request if parents and/or students could turn them in already neatly clipped with the expiration date clearly visible!  We do not accept any expired box tops!!  Please check the dates before sending them in.  This will help us minimize the work load that is needed to count and organize them before send off.  There will be 3 other times throughout the year we will be collecting box tops.  We make this a contest between classes.  At the end of the year the top upper grade class and top lower grade class who collect the most box tops will earn a popsicle party!  If you have any questions concerning the box top program you may go to for further information.  You may also email me at  Let’s earn this extra money for our school!  We definitely need it!
Thank you for your participation,
Laurel Castagna
Box top Coordinator
Mountainview Elementary PTA